Unizarre was formed in the early 1990s by David Bowles and Paul Flanagan, combining
their extensive experience in screenwriting, acting, special effects, stuntwork and
business development .

Having acquired an enviable reputation for flair and innovation, Unizarre's list of
clients soon included such well-known names as :

(and many others)

Unizarre were associate producers on the multi-episodic TV series
"Aristotle to Hawking" (2006) with Pissanos Productions. For more
information on this project, please follow the following link:

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Other later film and tv co-productions have followed such as Dali-the 4th Dimension,
Angry (with Swedish company Penguin Films), Axa (in development with Penguin and
October Pictures of Lara Croft/Tombraider fame), Kill The Writer, and numerous others.

The original vision - of Unizarre as a leading international Film and Television Production
force - is now being realised through the combined skills and expertise of the directors,
and the network of Associates and Organisations that comprise the Unizarre Team.

(Find out more on the team page.)

Unizarre's international growth now means they can call upon the resources of some
of the most advanced and innovative corporations in the fields of :

SFX/CGI        Sales & Distribution      Film Financing    Location Management

Unizarre have representatives in the following international markets:

United Kingdom    USA     Australia     Greece      Poland       Russia         China



Unizarre's development ethos is to strive to provide projects that are entertaining,
compelling and emotive; stories that need telling; stories that span generations;
many with causes and purpose to their name.

One such project in development is 'Mirror Mirror' - a hard-hitting American
TV series dramatising the growing worldwide epidemic of domestic violence.
From true-life case files, and in association with Unizarre's film partners
in USA, the series aims to elevate public and political awareness of the
problem both in the USA and around the world.

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Whether fact or fiction, mythical or reality, Unizarre are here to entertain you.